About Me

Dear Business Woman,

I see you. You feel successful because you FINALLY gained the confidence to pitch your high-end services to your ideal clients! Everything is falling into place except… one thing.

Well, a few things actually. 

You’re EXHAUSTED, and not in the lay on the couch and nap while The Wizard of Oz is playing on the TV exhausted. 

No, you’re mentally and emotionally worn out from working ALL THE TIME, unable to spend time with your family because you’re worried about paying the bills. 

You’re frustrated because you’re spending HOURS in the office and all of your money is going towards your business. All this work and you aren’t seeing a dime! 

On top of that, you can’t take on more clients because you’re already overwhelmed with your current workload. Sure, you could hire someone, but do you have enough money to pay them?

And what the heck are you supposed to do about taxes if you haven’t been putting away money all year?!

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Kristen and I help online business women LIKE YOU, implement Profit First into their business so they can work less WHILE making an insane profit!

Okay, so how was I able to describe YOU perfectly in the previous section? 

I have been in your shoes. 

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Businesses had to close the doors for a few weeks while everyone was in quarantine, some went out of business, and my bookkeeping business hit an all-time low. 


I knew I had to do something. Getting up early and working late into the night wasn’t working. I was exhausted, burned out, and I was TERRIFIED to take a break because I wanted to make enough money to keep my business running.

That’s when I found Profit First and dove in headfirst!

COVID-19 put things into perspective for me. I realized that there were a lot of small businesses that were not set up to be sustainable through the pandemic.

After implementing this method into my business, I discovered that Profit First was a powerful tool that can help business owners build a profitable and sustainable business that could survive through ANY crisis.


1. I’ve been there!

I am LIVING proof that Profit First can transform your business FAST! You CAN pay yourself more while working less, AND STILL, make a profit!

2. I’ll Guide you through every step!

I won’t just hand you a Profit Blueprint and send you on your way. I’ll guide you through the allocation process, show you what each report means, and we’ll have check-in meetings to make sure your business is on the right path!

3. I Get Results!

I have implemented Profit First into several businesses who have completely transformed their finances with my guidance. My clients pay estimated taxes regularly, put money away in savings, pay their bills, and they STILL have enough money to pay themselves!

4. I am a Certified Profit First Professional!

I have the education necessary to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!

As a Profit First Professional, I was trained to implement the Profit First method into a business the CORRECT way.

Additionally, I have over 30 years of experience in bookkeeping, which helps me assist you in reaching your financial goals.

It’s my mission to help you run your business in a financially healthy and profitable way so you can ditch the 18-hour workdays and start spending time with your family again!

Profit First can change your life, just like it changed mine!

Profit First Saved My Business

The Profit First method allowed me to draw a steady and comfortable wage, pay down debt, pay in for estimated taxes ON TIME, make better business decisions because I know what’s happening with my money, AND I have seen my profit skyrocket!

Instead of being stressed about whether or not I can afford my bills, I have peace of mind to know everything is handled.

So I CAN take a day off and spend time with my daughter. I CAN stop working at 5 PM and lounge around the rest of the night. I CAN take care of myself.

You can too!



I have seen Profit First work, not only with my business but with MANY clients as well!

I want you to enjoy time off without worrying about work. I want you to know that your dreams are POSSIBLE!

And I want you to know that you aren’t alone.

Your situation might be unique, but feeling overwhelmed, anxious, scared, and guilty? Yeah, I’ve been there too.


If this sounds like something that you need in your business (which, let’s face it, you do), then let’s connect and see how I can take your business to the next level!

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